SUP adventure with night in nature

Swamp is a fantastic and mysterious place with magical energy – especially early in the morning! When the sun shines over the little, forked trees and bushes, and a light fog has laid over the swamp, that’s a true fairy-tale come true…

If this adventure is something you might be interested in, then be prepared to sleep in hammock, wake up before 4 am, for 2 km carry a 10 kg bag on your shoulders, and to pump your board for 10 more minutes, then you need to fold it, do the 2 km trip with the bag again and be back in Riga at around 8am.

Do you know what is the missing part in the last sentence? It’s an unbelievable experience, because of which people are willing to carry those bags and set those crazy early alarms again and again. But if you’re not inspired about carrying your bag, leave it on us – we’re here to take care of it!

The SUP adventure always starts with a short & neat introductory instruction, so that everyone feels absolutely safe on the paddle board – even those standing on it for the first time! And now the SUP adventure can begin!

Beautifully sliding over the calm waters of the Cenas swamp, we will see all of its cute, little islands and mysteriously beautiful trees. Everyone loves good quality photos from their adventures, that is why we make sure you do not have to stress about getting your photo camera or phone wet. We snapshot all the beautiful adventures with our Go Pro cameras and after the adventure send them to you.

The adventure includes:

  • Professional introduction to SUP paddle boarding and health & safety instructions
  • SUP paddle boarding kit (SUP board, oar and safety belt)
  • Professional and experienced SUP guide
  • Detailed information with tips & tricks on how to prepare for your SUP adventure
  • Transfer from Riga to Cenas tirelis and back
  • Hammock and a sleeping bag
  • Around 4 hours long SUP adventure
  • Breakfast meal
  • Beautiful memories of your SUP adventure in the form of quality photos