Wisetourer jurmala
Wisetourer jurmala

Splendid Jurmala and Kemeri Bog Trail

This guided day tour covers two different areas in vicinity of Riga and two very different faces of Latvian beauty – splendid Jurmala resort on Baltic sea side and magic aura of Kemeri bog.

We will visit the dazzling center of resort town Jurmala. Located alongside wide sandy beaches, Jurmala has been a popular resort spot for almost two hundred years. It is most recognized by its unique wooden architecture – villas, manors and summer houses. There are more than 4000 wooden buildings, four hundred of which are architectural monuments.

While in the National Park of Kemeri we will enjoy wild scenery of Latvian bogs that are mostly hidden from the eyes of visitors, except a few places were walking trails are built, one of them in Great Kemeri Bog. The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk will make your way easy into this otherwise hardly accessible land of moss, undersized pine trees, deep pools, tiny dark lakes and the flavor of wild rosemary. The boardwalk is built from wooden boards and it runs in two arcs. The shorter arc (1.4km) is going to take you as far as the first picturesque lake, while the longer arc (3.4km) will let you take a look at the landscape from the observation platform above.

Duration: 6 hours