Patarei Fortress in Tallinn

Excursion to Patarei fortress in Tallinn is very untypical and it will provoke unusual feelings. You will visit an abandoned ghost town that is not suited for humans, which never was suitable for humans…

Today Patarei fortress is a memorial to the victims of communism and fascism, as well as a meaningful symbol of resistance on the part of martyrs of the Republic of Estonia.

The Patarei naval fortress is located in the near vicinity of Tallinn’s city centre and the city’s harbor. The complex covers a net surface area of 17,000 m2. The exhibition area covers nearly 1,200 square meters in the eastern wing of the prison, where you can see the original interior and prison yard.

The unique history of this building, which brings together the repressions of two of the most merciless regimes of the 20th century, places the sufferings, resistance and hopes of thousands of people within the prison walls and has made this complex a site of memory of international importance.

In the afternoon you will visit the most interesting museum in Europe – The Seaplane Harbour.

The exposition at the historical seaplane hangar consists of 200 real-life exhibits, such as the submarine “Lembit” – the only example in the Baltics of a submarine preserved till nowadays and open to visitors, a 100-year-old icebreaker, seaplane Short 184, the oldest shipwreck of Estonian origin and more.

A journey around the world in a submarine, a chance to be photographed in a navy uniform, an aquarium, simulators, paper planes, children’s corner with drawing supplies, building blocks and a real sailboat, as well as a playground outside – the programmes and materials for independent visits are playful and broaden the minds of both adults and children.

We recommend to spend another day in Estonia exploring to beautiful Tallinn – the capital of Estonia – charming Old Town which is the most well-preserved medieval town in Northern Europe, Kadriorg Palace – a well-preserved early 18th century imperial summer residence and Park which is considered to be the most grandiose palace and park complex in Estonia. Another object in Tallinn worth your attention – modern and fascinating Kumu Museum which houses the majority of collections from the Art Museum of Estonia.

Seasonality: available From May, 2020