Source : Liepājas reģiona tūrisma informācijas birojs
Source : Liepājas reģiona tūrisma informācijas birojs
Source : Liepājas reģiona tūrisma informācijas birojs
Source : Liepājas reģiona tūrisma informācijas birojs

Military Prison and the City where the Wind is Born

Karosta and Liepāja city

You will explore Karosta (War Port) – a wondrous and unique place not only in the context of Latvia, but also in the historical and architectural context of the world. It’s a largest historical military garrison in the Baltics and constitutes almost a third of Liepāja’s city territory.

Here you will discover Karosta Prison – the only military prison in Europe open to tourists. The prison nobody has ever escaped from. Ghost Hunters International from the USA called Karosta Prison the most ghost haunted place in the world.

Your guided tour will continue in Northern Forts – a part of Liepāja’s fortress. The fortress was built at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century to provide the protection of Liepāja’s naval base in case of enemy attack.  You will have an opportunity to take a guided tour of the Northern Forts of the Naval Port fortress and see underground labyrinths by torchlight.

Also you will explore other sights in Karosta – Sv.Nicholai Maritime Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox cathedral which is one of Karosta’s symbols, O.Kalpaks Swing bridge that connects Karosta with the rest of Liepāja. Today, just like before, the bridge is being opened for ships every day at certain hours. You will also see the 1800m long Northern mole which protects the harbor from Northwestern winds.

On this trip you will also discover Liepaja – the 3rd largest city in Latvia and the 10th largest in the Baltic States. Known as the “city where the wind is born,” Liepāja is a favorite travel destination, enchanting people with a city center rich in cultural and architectural treasures, as well as tempting with its spacious white sand beach.

For those appreciating culture and music events we also offer to book tickets in concert hall “Great Amber”. Excellent acoustics and modern architectural design make this a “must see” place not only visiting Liepaja city but traveling Baltics in general. The sunny tint of the facade creates a visual association with amber, a gem that is commonly found on the beaches of Liepāja after a storm.

Looking for a real adventure? We can book a night’s lodging in Karosta Prison – a prison which is considered to be even more impressive than the Alcatraz in the USA, to sleep on a prison bunk or an iron bed, and to have a prison meal.

Seasonality: available all year round.