4 days Hiking + Riga Sightseeing Tour

DAY 1: Arrival in Riga International airport. Transfer from airport to the hotel.

The Capital of Latvia – Riga

This excursion combines two of the most popular attractions in Riga: Old Riga and Art Nouveau architecture. It will include everything that makes Riga a destination worth visiting. Experience the medieval atmosphere on the narrow streets of Old Riga that date back as far as the 13th century. Admire the exquisite Art Nouveau architecture with some of the most well-preserved examples in Europe.

Dinner in Old town. Night at the Hotel in Riga.

DAY 2: Hike in coastal nature of the Baltic Sea 

Departure form Riga by train (35 minutes).

Pine forest and a sea breeze – both of these are characteristic elements of Latvian coastal nature. This journey we will start with train ride to Carnikava – an ancient fishermen village, known in Latvia as a popular lamprey fishing ground for more than a hundred years. Our lamprey of the River Gauja is a much more ancient creature than fish, possibly even a million years old. We will have a Golden Lamprey tasting and continue with a hike (~7 km). The hike includes two beautiful natural sites – Mouth of Gauja and Garezeri lakes.

After Golden Lamprey tasting we will continue deeper in nature, slowly leaving the fisherman village type of houses and turning our face in the direction of green pine tree forests. We will follow river Gauja to see how it meets with Sea.

Oh, SEA! It doesn’t matter if the weather is nice – it is always awe-inspiring to see the wide horizon. To touch the sand, to touch the water and to feel the breeze. Our journey will continue with another natural site. We’ll explore and pass unique 3 Long lakes (“Garezeri”) created by the receding ice age. The Garezeri Lakes and their surroundings are a unique natural area with high ecological and geological significance. That is the reason why this area is part of natural park, which was made to protect rare coastal habitats. In this area, you will see rare species of plants, birds, and even bats. The route takes us over aged dunes covered in pine forests, marshes, and red bilberries.

Departure to Riga by train.


  • Local guide & storyteller
  • Soup and hot tea during picnic pause
  • Transportation (by train)

Dinner in Riga. Night at the Hotel in Riga.

DAY 3: Hike along the wild river

The Amata is one of Latvia’s swiftest rivers. The river flows into a deep valley that is attractive for its impressive sandstone and dolomite cliffs along the surface of the river. It is also possible to include the nature trails in Līgatne, which are famous for their spacious outdoor pens, linked to “Hobbit-style” houses.

Hike area is full of fast rivers and wild forests, during last few years the places became more accessible and we would like to invite everyone to feel the Latvian nature there. During the hike we will see the famous Zvārtes rock, that is famous for the many mythical stories associated with it. Long time ago it was a gathering place for witches who would dance and rejoice around it until the crack of dawn. The hike is 13-15 km. After a good time of walking and enjoying the peacefulness of what nature can give us, we will enjoy a warm meal- on fire cooked soup.

After the meal, it is possible to make a stop in ‘’Līgatne’’ which is famous for its interesting geographical location and history. We can include a visit to “Anfabrika” rocks and cellars, they are 17 m high, beautiful reddish cliffs. There are several rectangular holes in the foot – these were cellars which were abandoned long time ago. It is worth to see if you are in this area!


  • Local guide & storyteller
  • Soup and hot tea at the finish of hike

Dinner in the hotel. Night at the Hotel in Riga.

Day 4: Walk in magical Moorland

Ķemeri National Park is a real eye-candy for everyone who loves the variety of natural views. This swampy area is world famous and adored by photographers, filmmakers and nature painters. It is popular for birdwatchers; this area is home to nearly 260 bird species. One can always hear at least four different birds at the same time. Our local guide/storyteller will lead the group trough the trail and share legends that are traveling from mouth to mouth for centuries, as well as an easy intro into flora and fauna of the swamp and its healing properties.

We will have a healthy picnic  at the top of a bird watching tower- spectacular view guaranteed! And did you know that everything tastes better outside? Adventure in “Ķemeri National Park’” is relaxing and educating programme for all ages and fitness levels as long as you can walk! The length of the walk can be easy adjustable, together ~3-5 km.

This Magical Moorland has something to offer in all seasons and times of the day! During Winter we can really go ‘’off the track’’ with snowshoes. This route is also easy to adjust for special requests to include sunrise or sunset, just let us know. We can also include a visit to healing sulfurus water.


  • Local guide & storyteller
  • Food for picnic and tea

Suggested for comfort:

  • Water & snacks for personal usage
  • Comfortable boots & rain jacket
  • Extra socks

Seasonality: available all year with variations

Dinner in Riga. Night at the Hotel in Riga.

Day 5: Transfer from hotel to the airport