The inbound tourism brand “Wisetourer” was created In 2018 by one of the best-known travel agencies in Latvia – “Jēkaba Ceļojumi”. Thus, we are combining passion about traveling in Baltics, attractive destinations and more than 15 years experience.

We value our employees the most. They are involved, knowledgeable and enthusiastic – true experts and their main priority is customer satisfaction. Our rich experience in the tourism industry allows us to offer services for competitive prices.

If you travel with us, you can:

To see

Get to know the most popular tourist attractions, but also explore less known and very interesting places! Although small in size, the Baltic states offer unmatched diversity – here you may enjoy unharmed nature, as well as modern urban environments and rich cultural heritage.

To get involved

Enrich your trip with authentic experiences! Take part in culinary masterclasses and creative workshops of various craftsmen; have a go at farm work by milking cows or shearing sheep; celebrate annual festivities with ancient rituals, and indulge in the pleasures of a real rural sauna!

To feel

Feel the touch of nature through the exhilarating morning dew, clear taste of spring water, gentle caresses of sandy beaches, picturesque sunsets, bird songs and the fragrance of a real forest.

To enjoy

Indulge in the small and large pleasures of life that are only possible in this corner of the world! Taste and savour the unique food prepared on a hearth, feel the medieval atmosphere of ancient castles and get inspired at world-class cultural events.

All of this is possible in the Baltics – a place with miraculously blue lakes, green meadows, white sand beaches, and old towns that are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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